Something to think about on healthcare reform

16 Sep

I have been experiencing some medical problems lately. I have been in excellent health for most of my almost 57 years on this earth except for some allergy problems.  So far nothing has been determined as to the problem. Because of having a friend who is a medical doctor, I was able to get right into the hospital for a CT scan, ultrasound, and extensive blood testing in just 3 days, and got the results within hours. When no problems were found I was able to get into my GI Dr. the next day and I took all of the results from  the previous tests. The GI Dr. has now ordered an upper and lower GI, and a hydrscan to be performed.

My point on all of this is that I have received excellent care up to this point. I have never needed anything extensive in the past so I had no idea that I was receiving such excellent care. My GI Dr. , when I came in with all of the test results, told me that it would normally take 6-8 weeks for such tests being ordered and results in hand. I can’t imagine having to wait that long when a person is so sick. If we had not had insurance the tests would never had been ordered so quickly.

That brings up another point. The health insurance for my wife and I cost $1100 per month. That is with an annual deductible of $5100 before the insurance company pays a penny. I am very thankful to God that he has provided abundantly so that we can easily afford it.  But many can’t. All of my adult life I have been a conservative politically. I still am. But what happens to the many millions of people who can’t afford the $1100 monthly. Our son recently was laid off after 8 years with the same company. He is a commercial electrician. The firm where he worked is the largest commercial electric company in Oklahoma. They have been been tremendously busy for the past several years. The downturn has crippled them. They have cut staff by a few hundred and now have a skeleton crew. On the 1st of October our son will no longer have health insurance. Sure, he can purchase COBRA for $350 per month, or buy another plan for close to the same but he can’t afford it. He has gone from an income of over $45,000 yearly to weekly unemplyment checks of $320. That is after the taxes have been withheald. He is not in debt, but does have 2 children in elementary schools. Thankfully, he has no known health problems. But should he get sick or hurt, what type of care would he receive? Not much according to the doctors I spoke with.

I am against a nationalized healthcare system. The whole medical system in this country is broken if you don’t have any money. But neither does the government have any money. I don’t  know the answer to the problem.  Maybe there isn’t an answer to the problem because it is so large.

The Bible teaches that we are to be compassionate to those in need. I am not talking about necessarily the government, but individuals as well. Those that are bleesed are to bless others. Jesus said ” to whomsoever much is given, much is required”. ( Luke 12:48 KJV)

The problems are so huge that they will not be solved by this government, or any future one. Only when Christ appears and sets up His earthly kingdom will we live in a just society where all will be treated with love. You will only be in that kingdom if you are one of Christ’s beloved. If you have never trusted in Him as your only Saviour please do so today.


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2 responses to “Something to think about on healthcare reform

  1. Anna Waldherr

    August 8, 2016 at 10:36 pm

    I am glad to have come across this post now, w/ “Obamacare” (The Affordable Care Act) operational. Not many who were able to afford their medical coverage before the Act took effect think much of it. Costs have gone up more than predicted for some people.

    But those of us suffering from chronic illnesses are deeply grateful. The pre-existing conditions for which we could not obtain insurance coverage are no longer such an overwhelming threat to our financial stability. I suffer from migraines and anxiety/depression, among other things. Those illnesses have made it impossible for me to practice law. They are likely to plague me for the rest of my life. Yet, before the Affordable Care Act, I could more easily have obtained coverage for alien abduction.

    Consider this a note of thanks from all those in similar shoes! ❤

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    • Levi Thetford

      August 9, 2016 at 9:59 am

      There were a lot of people in that same boat. Healthcare is in a terrible state and I see it continuing. I’m a very non political person so it g’s nothing to do with either side. I only want truth and justice, knowing that it will only be dispensed by the true and only King of the universe. I don’t know exactly of your physical state, Anna. I’m so sorry to hear of it. My prayers are with you!!!

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