Vain Self-Flatteries

12 Oct

Wicked men generally flatter themselves with hopes of escaping punishment till it actually comes upon them. They flatter themselves in their own eyes until they find by experience that it is a more dreadful thing to sin against God and break His holy commands than they imagined. They think sin to be sweet, and hide it as a sweet morsel under the tongue; they love it, and flatter themselves in it, till at length they find by experience that it as bitter as gall and wormwood.
Sinners flatter themselves with the hope of future impunity. They flatter themselves that they shall escape punishment; otherwise they would be in continual and dreadful distress. Otherwise, as long as they are in sin, they could never live and go about cheerfully as they now do; their lives would be filled with sorrow and mourning.
Some flatter themselves with a secret hope that there is no such thing as another world. They hear a great deal of preaching, and a great deal of talk about hell and the eternal judgment; but those things do not seem to them to be real. Some flatter themselves that death is a great way off, and that they shall have hereafter much opportunity to seek salvation. Some flatter themselves that they lead moral and orderly lives, and therefore think that they shall not be condemned. Some hope by their strivings to obtain salvation by themselves. Abandon all these ways of flattering yourselves: seek God with all your heart, soul, and strength.
—-Jonathan Edwards, “The Vain Self-Flatteries of the sinner.”

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