16 Nov

It is a slow day here at the farm. I just gathered the eggs, checked the cattle, and fed the Lab. The wind is blowing very strong out of the south which has brought the temperature up to the low 70’s. Inside the house though it is quite a different story. The house is full of women. 25-30 of them. On the 21st of December my oldest Grand daughter is getting married. It doesn’t seem possible that she is already that old. She has asked me to perform the ceremony at our church. The ladies are all here today for her bridal shower. They are helping her to get ready to have a home of her own.

This next week marks 42 years that my dear wife and I started our home. We did not get to start out with much compared to what young ones start out with today. Thinking back over the past 42 years I can see the hand of my Saviour guiding in every area. At a time when we had very little money He provided for us. With 5 children and a wife that never worked outside the home we never went without a thing. It is not just because I worked hard, which I did. It is because of the mercy, and blessings of God. Without it we would not have fared nearly as well. AS I am growing older I am literally amazed at the mercy and long suffering that The Lord has toward His people. It is only by having His righteousness applied to me that I have anything at all.

My prayer is for my Grand Daughter to serve Him, follow His principles, and even today He will provide a great life for her and her family to be. It is not because we are good, or deserving. But for His glory. May God bless my Grand Daughter!

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