I Am A One Percenter

08 Jan

I was reading Kate Bortell’s blog today and I began thinking,. Kate is my favorite blogger on WordPress. She is such a witty, thoughtful, big-hearted, warm, Christian girl. I feel like I know her even though I don’t. She was talking about being rich. I knew where she was going as soon as I started reading. She was right on the money. But the subject matter speaks to different people in different ways.

I have to say that I have been blessed with far more money than I deserve. I am a one of the one percenters that we read about so much today. I think that most people, if they had the opportunity to be in the top 1% financially, they would. When I started out in the insurance business 35 years ago I was paid $225 a week. I had 5 children at home with a mother to always be there with them. My dear wife of 42 years has never worked outside the home. I felt that it was my God given responsibility to make the living. I was home every evening. I went to all of the kids ball games, school functions, recitals, and was home every weekend. I, along with my wife, was always there.

When I went to work, my focus was not on making money, it was upon serving my clients. I never had a goal of being a millionaire before I was forty ( but I was), of retiring early ( but I did at 59), or any other big aspirations. My sole goal was to go to work every day and serve my clients to the glory of Jesus Christ. By focusing on them, He more than took care of me.

Having money is no easy chore. The Lord does give this gift to some people in order to further His kingdom. The funds He has given me are not mine, but His. I am only the steward. Over the years we have been able to help many people in the Lord’s work. We have also helped sick people, laid off people, and individuals on drugs. We have buried people and fed people. Many times it is done anonymously. Our largest gifts were done this way. I want no glory, or thanks, or praise. I want all the praise directed to my Lord. The Giver of life. The Giver of all good things.

I agree with Kate, true riches are love for God, and for people. Our Lord was a servant, and we should be too.

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