My Daily Grind

09 Jan

The weather has been brutal this winter all over the country. At my farm in N.E. Oklahoma we are not use to much snow and below zero temperatures. Church services have been cancelled, schools closed, and worst of all my morning coffee shop has been closed.

For over 20 years my buddies and I have become a fixture at the Daylight Donuts in the small town of Collinsville. The owners allowed us to have our own round table made that seats 12. Between 6:00 – 8:00am the table is ours. We have a wide array of individuals that sit at our table. We have a Dr., a banker, a painter, a heat & air man, a pharmacist, and several other Occupations. Our conversations run the gamut. We have a fast rule not to discuss politics and business. This makes for mostly wholesome talk. It is the best part of my day.

Over the years the friendships that have been forged is incredible. Many of these guys i now love like a brother. They are part of my close family. Were it not for this daily gathering, I probably would not have ever taken the time to really get to know them. I would have missed the fishing trips we have taken. The trips taken to the Masters Golf Tournament and to Kohler, Wis. PGA Championship. These were some of the good times I would have missed. I would have also missed being a support and comfort to them when one was fighting cancer. Recently, in a two month period, one of my buddies suddenly lost a spouse and son. There have been other of life’s situations that have occurred that I would have missed. 

I am reminded of the earthly life of Jesus. He was never in a hurry. He took time for all. From the ruling elite Pharisees, to the lame, and the blind, and the sick.  He infused his life into the 12 disciples, that in turn has turned the world upside down.

As we go about our daily life, don’ forget what you are missing by not sharing your life with others, and what a difference it will make in their lives as well. May we follow our Masters lead as we continue to turn the world upside down for Him.



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2 responses to “My Daily Grind

  1. katebortell

    January 9, 2014 at 10:32 am

    You are so blessed to have such a warm community of friends like that levi. I am somewhat jealous. I have one friend who lives locally and one who lives across the country. Im not complaining, just showing you my situation by comparison.
    Has the irony of the 12 seats at your am coffee shop table occurred to you?
    I love it!


  2. Levi Thetford

    January 9, 2014 at 10:46 am

    Good morning Kate. I honestly had not thought of the number 12. I’m sure there is nothing prophetic about it. I am blessed to have several very close friends. It has been said that if a person has one true friend in their life they are fortunate. But you and I know that we both have a Friend that sticks closer than a brother. I am sure that you can develop friends easily. Have a great day!



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