Tough Men Don’t Cry

14 Jan


December 21st was a big event in our family. Our oldest lovely granddaughter Bethany was married. I posted a photo of it here on a post just after. It is not very often that we have all of our children, and grandchildren, all home at one time. All live within 7 miles of us, except for our oldest son Levi II, his beautiful wife Amy, and our youngest Granddaughter Eisley. They live around Portland, Oregon. As I was looking at recent photos today my heart was full. Such a precious site walking down the aisle. My very dear Granddaughter Alyson, age 8, was helping lead her cousin Eisley down through the procession. Since Bethany gave me the honor of officiating her wedding I had a birdseye view. I choked up with tears as I saw them making their way. This was the first, of a few times, that this happened during the ceremony.

It is not a very macho thing for a man to do. Tough men don’t cry. At least that’s the image that is portrayed. I don’t know how tough I am. I’m sure not as tough as some. But my Master is tough. I’m not sure that tough is the right word. You see, Jesus Christ, the Creator, the King of the Universe, the first born from the dead, He wept. And He is the epitome of manliness.

In John 11 the Bible tells us that Jesus wept. This is the only time it is recorded that He did so. He probably did at other times as well. His good friend Lazarus had just died. The Bible says that Jesus loved Lazarus. Jesus could have prevented Lazarus from dying had that been His plan. He could have made His way to the little town of Bethany sooner, had He wished. He waited two more days after He heard the news of his death. When He made His way to Bethany Lazarus was already in his tomb. His grieving friends and family were still there.

In vs. 38 it tells us that Jesus was at the tomb, “deeply moved”. Jesus told them to remove the rock in front of the tomb. At this time Lazarus had been dead for four days. Stench was already in the air. They removed the rock and Jesus cried out with a loud voice, “come forth”. We are told that the dead man Lazarus, bound up in burial wrapping, came forth. The dead man was alive again. We read that many of the ones that witnessed this “believed in Him (Jesus)”.

Lazarus ultimately died again, and was again placed in a tomb. One day we all will die. Our Lord also died. He was put to death for our sins. But He had the power to raise Himself from the grave. He willing died that all who believe in Him can live. Not just now, but for all of eternity. This is the promise that we have. We won’t get to see a person being raised from the dead. This incident happened that we would know ,Who only, has the power to give us eternal life. But its by faith only that we can trust Him. If you have never trusted Him, let today be the day.

The next time you feel like shedding a tear, or just having a big cry, go ahead. It IS a manly thing to do.

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One response to “Tough Men Don’t Cry

  1. katebortell

    January 14, 2014 at 8:06 am

    I think you have to be a strong man to allow your emotions to show. You have to have inner strength. Love the baby so beautiful!!



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