A Grandfather’s Confidence

10 Feb
A Grandfather’s Confidence

Today (Saturday), I heard the front door open. I was sitting in my study wrapping up with this weeks study of David. Within 30 seconds my granddaughter Alyson (age 8) walks in with her BFF Josalyn. We exchanged hugs and kisses, and then she looked straight into my eyes. I could tell that she was troubled. I asked her if something was wrong. She put her hand into her little coat pocket and pulled out her pink plastic frame glasses. They were in two pieces. They had snapped right on the bridge.

She began to explain to me how it had happened. Then she said “Poppie, I didn’t want to tell my Mom or Dad, I just wanted to tell you. Do you think that you could superglue it and fix it?” I explained to her that it wouldn’t work and that it was just an accident. I assured her that there was nothing to worry about it. She then said “what should I do”? I told her to go home and tell her parents that you had an accident. Show them the broken glasses. If you get into trouble tell your mother to call me.

About an hour later Alyson and Josalyn came back over for a few minutes. I asked her how it went when she told her parents about the glasses. She said everything was good. They’ll just buy me another pair. I knew that was probably how it would be handled. Everything was just fine. I have had this same experience with other grandchildren on more serious issues. I’m thankful that my grandchildren have confidence in me that they can tell me anything. They know that I’m one of their greatest fans and that I love them.

So many times this is how we are with our shortcomings and sins. We are afraid to go to our Heavenly Father and confide in Him. We are afraid to shoot square with Him. He already knows our hearts, but we act as if He doesn’t. He is our Advocate always making intercession for us. John wrote that “If we confess our sins, He is faithful and just to forgive us our sins and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness”. Don’t forget, we are His biggest fans. He loves us!

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