365 Thank Yous

12 Feb
365 Thank Yous

In December of 2011 I read a book entitled “365 Thank Yous”, written by John Kralik. It was a quick read and one that made me think. The author was a 52 year old attorney who was losing his law practice, he was going through bankruptcy, he was in the process of divorce, and was in depression all at the same time. It’s no wonder that he was depressed. In the course of time, he began to take his focus from himself to others. He began to look for a person a day that he could send a Thank You card to. By the end of the 12 months his life had radically changed course.

I thought about this and decided to give it a try. My reasons for doing it were quite different from the authors. I was not going through any of the difficulties that he was. I was not depressed. I am polite, and tell people thank you regularly. But I thought, how special would it be to the recipient of the card, to receive a handwritten card saying thank you. I went to the stationary store and purchased several boxes and began. I have to say, I didn’t do the whole 365 days. I did send out 350.

I began to be cognizant of polite people. It also makes you aware of how many people that really are not very polite. Fewer are than aren’t. Over the next several months I think that I received more blessings than the recipients of the cards. I also received some freebies that was totally unexpected to me. The tire store where I trade sent me a free oil change after sending a thank you card to one of their employees. Another company personally called me to thank me for my business just by sending an employee a card. I received I don’t know how many free Starbucks. But this was not the reason I did it. I wanted to be a blessing to someone I didn’t know. Hundreds of people around here already knew me, but after doing this 350 times made that many more people know me.

Scripture speaks a lot about kindness. The Lord God is kind to all. He is kind to even those who revolt against Him. We are admonished to be kindhearted one to another. “He has told you, O man, what is good , And what does the LORD require of you but to do justice, to love kindness, And to walk humbly with your God?” Micah 6:8. Both the giver and the receiver are blessed when kindness is practiced. When we are kind we are being that light on the hill that Jesus talked about in the Sermon on the Mount. It was a great year practicing this act of kindness. I still mail out thank you cards, event though I’m not on a mission to send out one a day. If you have never thought of such an act, try it and be blessed.

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