Let’s talk about it

06 Sep

I have started following a most worthy website which is also on WordPress. It is an online prayer site that prays for a particular concern, or person. I am asking all of my followers that feel led to reblog this post so that many will join in real, specific, bold, Spirit led prayer.

The Acts 12 Movement

If you have started to follow our blog, you will see a prayer prompt followed by a discussion. Today we are praying about ISIS. Our discussion comes from a post sent on this very subject from The Soldiers Sanctuary. So as the family of God, let’s talk about it so we know how to pray and why we pray the way we do! Please share with us and leave your comments below on our page! Holy spirit you are welcome here!

September 5, 2014

Convert of Die?

Phil Robertson is the patriarch of the Robertson family who is portrayed on the reality show Duck Dynasty. Recently he was interviewed by Sean Hannity from Fox News and they were discussing the rise of radical Islam. Sean asked Phil what the answer was to dealing with radical Islamist’s such as ISIS. Phil replied with a simple answer that the media has gone…

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2 responses to “Let’s talk about it


    September 9, 2014 at 2:03 am

    May God bring ISIS terrorists to Christ…and also may the LORD crush them militarily if they don’t repent.



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