In Defense of God, Part 2

11 Jan

This is an excellent post by Anna.

A Lawyer's Prayers

If there were a God – a good God, Who really loved His children – no little girl would ever again die of cancer or little boy be molested. In fact, there would be no illness or pain at all (none, at any rate, impacting good people). There would be no poverty, no crime or corruption. There would be no racism or injustice. There would be no war, no terrorism, no weapons of mass destruction. There would be no natural disasters, no aging, and no death…

Man as God

Those who argue for an empty throne readily place another deity there, in God’s stead. These are the secular humanists and New Age believers, with man and/or the universe as their god. This, truly, is self-delusion – that the creation should confuse itself with the Creator.

Oh, godhood is heady stuff. We have, after all, thrown off the yoke of a…

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